Henkovac, based in Holland, is one of the founders of the vacuum packaging machine. Henkovac combines more than 60 years of experience with craftsmanship, state of the art design and manufacturing technology. This ensures that all Henkovac machines are innovative and reliable, while complying with the highest quality standards.

Vacuum packing is a very cost effective procedure for preserving perishable food products. Very low packing material costs, short process times and a relatively low investment for long-lasting equipment makes vacuum packing by far the most economical and most efficient way of packaging perishable food products. But also for other applications, such as protecting goods and space saving logistics or storage, vacuum packing is an ideal solution.

Henkovac offers a complete product line that fulfils the vacuum packing needs of small to medium size food processing and food preparation companies in many industries. Each model provides an optimal packaging result according to the latest market requirements.

VM trading Sp Zoo is covering the industrial models, Henkovac’s excellent series of tray sealers and thermoformers. Henkovac always strives to deliver best- in- class machines at a very attractive price. We only use quality materials to build durable, reliable and long lasting equipment. Please contact us to learn more about vacuum packing and our solutions.


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