VM Trading Sp Zoo was founded in 2008, in Warsaw Poland, by two partners, Piotr Majcherek and Ruud Vincent.

We started with our extended range of packaging machines which we sell under our brand name ''Ocean Machines''.

As our organization and projects were growing we got more and more requests to customize packing lines to clients needs.
We have developed an engineering department which is able to create or adapt an existing packing line but more often a new packing line with our standard packing machines as a basis. We work closely with several partners in Poland to realize those projects.

As one of the owners is from the Netherlands we have also developed a division which is taking care of representation of Dutch machine building companies in the Polish market.

At this moment we represent several Dutch companies, in particular the companies ''Unikon and Henkovac''. Their machines complete our existing range of machinery.

The combination of a wide range of standard packing machines (Ocean Machines), an experienced engineering department and the representation of several high- end dutch machine manufacturers gives us the opportunity to serve a very big part of the packaging market.

Our clients helped us grow to become one of the leading suppliers of packaging equipment in Poland. Therefor we are very great full and we are looking forward to serve you in the future!

Piotr Majcherek
Ruud Vincent